We may be small

JDPLabs may be a small paraguayan startup, but it is certainly eager for growth

From our location in the heart of South America, we're looking forward to delivering applications that cause huge impact. We're a small team but capable of building great stuff, combining state of the art concepts and visions.

We have a strong desire of climbing higher than everyone else, and giving people software products that they will not longer imagine living without. They'll be questioning themselves why did they have to live without JDPLabs creations for so long?



Our first great product

AISell, originally created by one member of our team, is only part of the potential of JDPLabs. With AISell go around the city and let buyers or sellers come to you, instead of the other way around. We're showing the world new ways for negotiations.


Team Members

It is finally time to show you who JDPLabs members are

Jorge Céspedes

Jorge loves coding and building innovative apps. He recently obtained his master degree in Computer Science, and he's a pervasive computing/distributed artificial intelligence specialist. Jorge is the creator of AISell.


Daniel Bonhaure

Daniel is currently doing his master degree in software engineering and is working part-time as a researcher. His majors are OOP, OODP, ODBMS and MDD. Daniel is also truly passionate about coding and learning new technologies.


Want to talk to us?

Leave your message! Or just email us at jorgitouni@gmail.com!

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